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American Tomahawk Nessmuk Tactical Axe (FKDBLB)  
American Tomahawk Nessmuk Tactical Axe (FKDBLB) Points: 20  
This new design from American Tomahawk! Two edged axe uses the same handle material as LaGana Tactical Tomahawk a.k.a. VTAC. One edge is designed for chopping while the other is designed for whittling.
  • Steel: Billet Machined 0-1, HRC 56-58
  • Handle: ST(super-tough) modified nylon
  • Ergonomics: Oval Design Specialized O-Rings for added retention
  • Overall Weight: 18 oz w/o sheath
  • Cutting Edge Length: 3"
  • Handle Length: 10 3/4"
  • Kydex Belt Loop sheath
  • Made in the USA

  • More...
    In stock 320,00 EUR

    American Tomahawk CQC-T Emerson Design Tomahawk (ATCQCT)  
    American Tomahawk CQC-T Emerson Design Tomahawk (ATCQCT) Points: 9   Additional photo in details view
    Ernest Emerson needs no introduction. Suffice it to say, the CQC-T is the culmination of Mr. Emerson’s tactical genius brought to bear on American Tomahawk’s experience in producing extreme-use axes.
    The CQC-T’s lines represent speed, efficiency, and simplicity... in other words, "what works". Designed primarily as a personal combat tool, the CQC-T is grace in motion. It’s light, fast, and accurate. The retention rings in its textured nylon handle provide a sure, positive grip.
    There is nothing else like it, period.
    The CQC-T is a personal combat tool, first and foremost. We do not recommend you purchase it as a throwing Tomahawk. It's handle design and blade geometry is meant for retention and aggressive cutting, respectively.
    Sold Out


    Sibert Comanche Tomahawk (COMT)  
    Sibert Comanche Tomahawk (COMT) Points: 9   Additional photo in details view
    Our premiere "integral construction" Tomahawk, the aggressive shape of the Sibert Comanche blends the spontoon functionality of the "Lewis and Clark" design with tactical features. Strong, well-balanced, and mean, the Comanche is ready to raid your next drug lab or terrorist cell now. Designed by rising star Shane Sibert
    Sold Out


    The NEW LaGana Tactical Tomahawk (VTAC)  
    The NEW LaGana Tactical Tomahawk (VTAC) Points: 7   Additional photo in details view
    The LaGana Tactical Tomahawk (a.k.a. VTAC) is the standard by which all other tactical axes are judged, period. Battle proven for over 40 years, Peter LaGana`s axe-head design has served the United States in every major conflict since the Vietnam War. Modernized with 21st century materials and workmanship, the new LaGana Tactical Tomahawk sets the bar for ease of carry, toughness, and versatility. No axe in the War on Terror has seen and done more...
    Sold Out


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