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» Training weapons and accessories » Training accessories

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Wrist Trainer - Power Forearm (GTTG519)  
Wrist Trainer - Power Forearm (GTTG519) Points: 1   Additional photo in details view
Power forearm exerciser helps build up hand, arm, shoulder, and especially wrist and forearm strength.
  14,00 EUR

Gravity Bar - for use with gravity boots (GTTG313B)  
Gravity Bar - for use with gravity boots (GTTG313B) Points: 1   Additional photo in details view
Chinning bar, easy to install and remove. Effective in training your arms, stomach and back by chin-up and sit-up exercises.
Maximum weight allowed: 90 kg, Range: 70-81 cm.
In stock 16,00 EUR

Ankle/Wrist Weights - Green (GTTG411B)  
Ankle/Wrist Weights - Green (GTTG411B) Points: 2   Additional photo in details view
Ankle/Wrist Weights - 2,2kg(5lbs) - pair, color green.
In stock 17,00 EUR

Ankle/Wrist Weights w Metal Bars  
Ankle/Wrist Weights w Metal Bars Points: 2   Additional photo in details view
Ankle/Wrist Weights - 2,25kg(5lbs) - pair.
Ankle/Wrist Weights - 4,5kg(10lbs) - pair.

Karate Claw Gripper Black (GTTG312)  
Karate Claw Gripper Black (GTTG312) Points: 1  
Karate Claw Gripper - increases finger strength.
  14,00 EUR

Makiwara Dragon (GTTB445)  
Makiwara Dragon (GTTB445) Points: 5   Additional photo in details view
Deluxe Dragon Makiwara features a heavy duck canvas shell and packed with an extra strong, 1,5" thick shock absorbing foam. Can be securely mounted.
Measures 22 x 30 x 3,5 cm - target
Measures 22 x 40 x 5 cm. - overall
  21,00 EUR

Makiwara PVC (GTTB447)  
Makiwara PVC (GTTB447) Points: 3   Additional photo in details view
Makiwara PVC Can be securely mounted.
Measures 0,7 x 7,5 x 19 cm - target
Measures 6 x 7,5 x 29 cm - overall
  17,00 EUR

Ankle/Wrist Weights - Blue (GTTG412)  
Ankle/Wrist Weights - Blue (GTTG412) Points: 3  
Ankle/Wrist Weights - 4,5kg(10lbs) - pair.
In stock 21,00 EUR

Metal Heavy Duty Leg Stretcher - Blue (GTTG113)  
Metal Heavy Duty Leg Stretcher - Blue (GTTG113) Points: 3  
Metal Heavy Duty Leg Stretcher - 3 bar type.
In stock 28,00 EUR

Stretching Machine - Black (GTTG111)  
Stretching Machine - Black (GTTG111) Points: 18  
Full size. Made of a strong metal construction. Smooth action rollers guide your legs into position. Soft padding on all contact areas, adjustable backrest angle. Ideal for home or club use.
In stock 265,00 EUR

Push Up Double Wheel, Abdominal Wheel (GTTG511A)  
Push Up Double Wheel, Abdominal Wheel (GTTG511A) Points: 1  
Physical Double Wheel designed to help users tone and strengthen abdominal, arm, and shoulder muscles. Rubber contoured handles provide comfortable and secure grip. Double wheel adds stability for every day use.
In stock 8,00 EUR

Push Up Bars (GTTG511)  
Push Up Bars (GTTG511) Points: 1  
With a set of Push Up Bars you can minimize hand, wrist and elbow stress when performing push ups. Bars feature heavy gauge steel construction, foam covered hand grips and non-slip plastic end-cap protectors. Easy assembly; sold only in pairs. Use them to build upper body strength, especially shoulder, chest and upper back muscles.
In stock 12,00 EUR

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