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Category: » Swords » Cheness Cutlery Swords

Cheness Oniyuri - 9260 Custom Bujinkan Katana w Bohi

Cheness Oniyuri - 9260 Custom Bujinkan Katana  w Bohi
The "Oniyuri" (Tiger Lily) katana is a custom made 9260 spring steel blade specialized for practice by specific ryu-ha of the Bujinkan Federation. The blade body is a 9260 silicon alloy carbon spring steel. Blade is a unique 23" and handle is an even rarer 14" in length. It is a shinobi (ninja) sword with the apparence of a katana. The forms of this blade follows the functions that it serves.

(The no-fuller version blade has a more forward center of gravity heavier weight. This type of blades have more lateral strength and are easier for tameshigiri from the weight and the reduced drag. Whereas the varient with fuller is better for kata practice, the no-fuller varient is better for cutting practices.)

The Oniyuri is a very specialized and very unique sword only available through us and no where else. Originally, it was custom made for a few specific dojo customers of the Bujinkan Federation. It is similar to, but differs in many area to our Onibasu. We have since decided to make this specialized katana available to the general public without the need to custom order one through a dojo.

The Oniyuri is made of the extremely resilient 9260 Spring Steel to withstand various exercises within the dojo setting.

What really makes this sword unique is its specific dimensions of various components. The blade is a shorter 23" in length to allow for faster maneuvering... However, it is housed in a regular length saya of 30". On the outside, it gives a deceptive impression that it is a regular katana... but when drawn, it clears the scabbard faster and earlier than the opponent expects due to the shorter blade length. Due to its relatively lighter blade weight, plus the extensive counter weight provided by the tsuka, it handles very fast with extensive leverage of the longer tsuka.

The 14" tsuka (13" not counting fuchi/kashira) with an extensive nakago is used for restraining techniques in some specific ryu-ha of Bujinkan. The extensive nakago (tang) within the long handle also makes the grip portion into a reasonably feasible section for blocking.

This is essentially a shinobi (ninja) katana... disguised to have the same appearance as a standard katana (as true ninja swords tends to be -- since it is never in anyones practice to go out of their way to reveal their own identify). (The straight bladed ninja sword is more of a Hollywood rendition of the shinobi katana).

Both versions of the blade (fuller and non-fuller) are fully sharpened with primary-only bevel for cutting exercises.

Please note that on a couple of the photos shown above, the tsuba differs in that it appear round (This is the old styled Oniyuri now discontinued)... The new Oniyuri uses the more square mokko shaped Kanbai brass tsuba, which is more consistent with the specs provided for by Bujinkan.

Though the Oniyuri is a shorter blade at the cutting end, there is actually as much material involved as a standard katana. The extensive nakago (tang) is a full 13.5" and fills the handle. This massive nakago both acts as a counterweight as well as allow to blade to be leveraged at the handle, with strength to block strikes.

When you consider the full length of this blade, it is actually not much shorter than the standard katana.

The Oniyuri is actually a longer blade overall than the standard katana. (44.5" vs. 41.5" in saya). (Excuse the photo where I failed to show this due to bad angle of the camera). As a result, this sword cannot be shipped to certain countries with 42" as the max length limit. (Please check USPS website for max length restriction of shipping to your particular country).

VERSATILE - The extensive nakago providing both strenth and counterweight also allows this blade to be used with a variety of grips and manners which alters its feel and balance.
Standard two handed katana grip proves the balance, feel, and cutting performance of a traditional full length katana. The strength of the long nakago extends deep into the tsuka. The monouchi of your sword would be at the same location as a standard katana when using this grip. The easiest cutting grip for this blade.
Two handed grip choked upwards proves extensive leverage to power through heavier targets. With a bulk of the weight below your right hand, the blade feels almost weightless... allowing for fast changes in directions. However, without the forward weight distribution, it is a more challanging grip for cutting.
Choked up single handed grip lets you handle the blade at a point near its center of gravity. Blade feels lighter than a wakizashi because of the counterweight. The extended nakago (tang) also turns this handle into a feasible section for blocking and protection against blows to the forearm. Also allows this blade to be used in tight quarters where a katana cannot.
Single handed grip choked downwards provides the same feel and balance as handling a standard katana one-handed at the tsuba. So you don't have to sacrifice the ability to practice and perform single handed cuts or exercises.
Single handed grip choked downwards to the end allows for a reach further than any wakizashi or even katanas when handled two handed. This is a completely forward weight distribution and is very difficult to accomplish without specialized training.

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Sold Out

Additional photos:
Additional photos: Cheness Oniyuri - 9260 Custom Bujinkan Katana  w BohiAdditional photos: Cheness Oniyuri - 9260 Custom Bujinkan Katana  w BohiAdditional photos: Cheness Oniyuri - 9260 Custom Bujinkan Katana  w BohiAdditional photos: Cheness Oniyuri - 9260 Custom Bujinkan Katana  w Bohi

Additional photos: Cheness Oniyuri - 9260 Custom Bujinkan Katana  w Bohi   
ID: Oniyuri-9260B
Points: 30Product information file at
Total length:97 cm
Blade length:58,4 cm
Blade thickness:8 mm
Blade width:3,2 cm
Sori:13 mm
Weight:1,13 kg
Point of balance:6,4 cm
Handle length:35,6 cm
368,00 EUR
Sold Out
ID: Oniyuri-9260BNS
Points: 25Product information file at
Total length:97 cm
Blade length:58,4 cm
Blade thickness:8 mm
Blade width:3,2 cm
Sori:13 mm
Weight:1,13 kg
Point of balance:6,4 cm
Handle length:35,6 cm
Type:not sharp
265,00 EUR
Sold Out
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