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Masahiro Cherry Blossom Katana  
Masahiro Cherry Blossom Katana Points: 8   Additional photo in details view
Handforged Masahiro Katana, made with 1045 high carbon steel. Full tang construction. Wooden saya available in two colors - black and burgundy. Zinc alloy tsuba with cherry blossom design. Ray skin covered handle. Can be disassembled for care and maintenance.Includes Masahiro Sword bag.
Sold Out


Dynasty Forge 29`` Bushi 1095 Katana in Cherry Blossom Theme (DF020)  
Dynasty Forge 29`` Bushi 1095 Katana in Cherry Blossom Theme (DF020) Points: 30   Additional photo in details view
The Dynasty Forge Bushi Cherry Blossom Katana features a blackened iron tsuba in a cherry blossom theme. The grip is wrapped in dark green silk cord over white ray skin. Includes a black lacquered wood saya and cotton sword bag.
The Bushi class combines a clay-tempered blade with a fine hybrid polish. This polish, while refined enough to reveal the Hada and Hamon, is also more resistant to scuffing and scratches. Therefore, the Bushi class blades are the best choice for practitioners looking for a blade with traditional handling characteristics in a more durable finish. For the collector, the Bushi class is a great entry point into the appreciation of Japanese swords.
Sold Out


Dynasty Forge 28.5`` Bushi F/F Tri-Steel Shobu Katana in Cherry Blossom Theme (DF006)  
Dynasty Forge 28.5`` Bushi F/F Tri-Steel Shobu Katana in Cherry Blossom Theme (DF006) Points: 35   Additional photo in details view
The Shobu (iris leaf) Katana, a reproduction of blades made in preparation of the Mongol invasion, provides an geometry optimized for cutting power. Featuring a diamond cross-section that flares at the Shinogi, the edge has a wider cutting angle, thus reinforcing the edge. The blade has an elegant sweeping tip without a Yokote, accentuated by a Suguha (straight) Hamon.
The 28.5" blade is forge-folded from 1095, 1080 and 1060 high-carbon steel, clay-tempered and fitted in an elegant and understated cherry blossom theme. The 12.5" Tsuka is wrapped in black silk Ito over a pair of cherry blossom Menuki. The Saya is finished in a high-gloss black 11-layer natural lacquer.
Sold Out


Dynasty Forge 29`` Daimyo F/F Tri-Steel Katana w/Bo-Hi in Cherry Blossom Theme (DF017)  
Dynasty Forge 29`` Daimyo F/F Tri-Steel Katana w/Bo-Hi in Cherry Blossom Theme (DF017) Points: 50  
Forged from unique blend of 1095/1085 high-carbon steel and 1060 spring steel, this 29" blade exhibits all the aesthetic qualities of the traditional Japanese sword. Forge-folded 8-12 times, the blade's surface shows a complex Hada, most commonly in the Mokume and Ayasugi styles. The Hamon and Hada are further enhanced by a traditional hand-polish on imported Japanese stones. A hand-carved and burnished Bo-Hi gives the blade a lively and agile feel. The blade is fitted the cherry blossom theme with a pair of Mt. Fuji Menuki. The 11" Tsuka is wrapped in green silk Ito. The Saya is finished in a deep black gloss lacquer.
Sold Out


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