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Category: » Swords » Japanese - Hanwei(Paul Chen) » Hanwei - Limited Edition

Hanwei 25th Anniversary Shinto Katana

Hanwei 25th Anniversary Shinto Katana
Our Silver Anniversary Shinto is undoubtedly one of the most collectible pieces ever offered by CAS Hanwei. Not only is this one of Hanwei’s most attractive swords but, to celebrate CAS’s 25th anniversary, the certificated edition is limited to just 250 pieces.

Based on the original Shinto, the first sword ever produced for CAS by Hanwei, this Anniversary Edition features the same koshirae (fittings) but in a silver plate finish, highlighting details not previously evident. The blade, while maintaining similar geometry, has under- gone radical changes in metallurgy and heat treating. It now features Hanwei’s own high-alloy HWS-1S steel and a heat treating regimen that produces a Tamahagane-like hardness distribution across the blade section with a very attractive Choji-style hamon.

The saya is deeply lacquered in black and is complemented by a hand woven sageo unique to this katana. A handsome lacquered stand, inscribed with “Silver Anniversary Edition” translated into Kanji, is supplied with the sword. The black sword bag is embroidered in silver with the same Kanji and the sword’s limited edition number.

A signed and numbered authenticating certificate is supplied with each piece.

Key Features
  • Limited to 250 pieces
  • HWS-1S Steel
  • Silver Plate Finished Fittings

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    Sold Out

    Additional photos:
    Additional photos: Hanwei 25th Anniversary Shinto KatanaAdditional photos: Hanwei 25th Anniversary Shinto KatanaAdditional photos: Hanwei 25th Anniversary Shinto Katana 
    ID: SH2433
    Points: 50Product information file at
    Total length:99 cm
    Blade length:68,5 cm
    Handle length:28 cm
    Weight:1,04 kg
    748,00 EUR
    Sold Out
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